You might be wondering how it is that we can offer our premium, 100% French flax linen products at such an accessible price point. The answer is simple – Rodarem

Traditionally, linen bedding was reserved for the elites who could afford it. You might be wondering, what makes linen so expensive in the first place? In a nutshell, manufacturing linen is a laborious and time-consuming process. (Fun fact: It takes 90 or so days from sowing the flaxseed to harvest alone.) The flax plant only grows in specific climates (and conditions are best in Western Europe), and the linen fiber itself is inelastic and breaks easily. This means spinning and weaving machines must run at lower speeds, resulting in less linen produced per day. Basically, linen requires more time and resources to produce than cotton, which is why it costs more.

That said, we’ve found a way to disrupt the old-school way of doing things. Our linen still comes from France (to guarantee quality) and is ethically manufactured in China by a certified factory. But that’s not where we’ve cut costs.

At Rodarem, we’ve elected a vertical business model rather than trade to other businesses, which means we only sell directly to you, our valued customer. Cutting out the middle man means we can offer you a dramatically reduced price for high-quality linen bedding. Because ultimately, we believe that a good night’s sleep should be accessible to everyone—and that it’s silly to have to compromise on quality or price—in the (never-ending) pursuit of catching that elusive zzzs.

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